July 2, 2022

Agricultural Market Volatility: The impact of current events

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The war in Ukraine and global weather events have further strained the agricultural industry — along with the larger U.S. and global economies — already challenged by the protracted effects from COVID-19 such as rising input prices and supply chain issues.

While the most significant direct impacts from the war are to lives and geopolitics, the resulting loss of agricultural ports, commodities, fertilizer, and energy sources will exacerbate rising prices and supply chain logistics. Ongoing weather events such as protracted drought and severe flooding compound agricultural market stressors.

In this free webinar, Malieka Bordigioni, research manager for the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute at the University of Nevada, Reno, provides a general overview of how these events have shocked global and national agricultural prices and supplies and how these factors might impact the Nevada agricultural sector.

Reno Nevada News Source: UNRExtension

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