August 8, 2022

Design with Canva | SBEP Marketing Class

1 min read

Learn how to manage this fantastic tool that will help you to create content quickly and easily.

00:00 – Introduction
04:39 – What’s Canva?
07:08 – Benefits
11:02 – Developing free content
16:57 – Live demo
56:47 – Suggestions to create successful designs
1:07:17 – Action plan
1:09:33 – Resources

This video is from the Small Business Education Program. Visit our webpage for resources, upcoming classes, and more:

UNR Extension Presenter: Reyna Mendez

The Small Business Education Program is part of the University of Nevada Extension’s Community and Economic Development Team. The Small Business Education Program aims to instruct small business owners and entrepreneurs about fundamental business concepts while providing access and direction to informational resources. The program team is bilingual in English and Spanish and strives to deliver as much content as possible in both languages.

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