August 13, 2022

Growing Winter Squash as a Specialty Crop in Northern Nevada

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Many producers in northern Nevada are looking for specialty crops for their farms. Winter squash, a member of the cucurbit family, maybe a good candidate for crop production. Winter squash production requires low capital investment in terms of seed, low input, and labor requirements during the growing season. This video covers the winter squash production system in northern Nevada and discusses six aspects: background on winter squash production, field preparation, irrigation, planting, growth and pests, and flowering and harvesting of winter squash.

Assistant Professor – Field Crop Specialist, Maninder Walia, Ph.D.
Urban IPM and Pesticide Safety Education Coordinator, Melody Hefner, M.S.
Videographer, Editor and Narrator, David J. Harrison, Ph.D.

Thanks to Lattin Farms, Fallon, Nevada

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All other photographs provided by Wendy Mazet, plant diagnostician, University of Nevada, Reno Extension

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