May 23, 2022

Homeless camp sweeps in Reno get contentious

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Homeless advocates continue their battle against the City of Reno and how it is managing its population of those experiencing homelessness. An online petition was launched in the past week calling for an end to the sweeps and more communication with city officials.

Sweeps at Commercial Row, near Wells Avenue, in recent weeks have pushed some to other areas of town. One location is at Mills Street and Edison Way, which has seen an increase in people the city says are illegally camping and trespassing on private property.

About 30-50 people were forced to move from the area today after being given notices last week that the area was going to be cleaned this week.

But that effort prompted a new tent camp — one set up today across from City Hall with protestors demanding an end to the sweeps. The protesters said they would not move until the sweeps stop.

Reno Nevada News Source: Thisis Reno

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