December 6, 2022

Jack Cohen Delivers Keynote at the Nevada Network of Fire Adapted Communities Summit, 2020

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University of Nevada, Reno Extension’s Living With Fire Program in partnership with Nevada Division of Forestry’s Fire Adapted Communities presented the Nevada Network of Fire Adapted Communities Summit on December 3, 2020.. The theme for the summit was “Creating the Toolbox for a Fire Adapted Nevada.”

Jack Cohen, PhD. Research Physical Scientist – U.S. Forest Service Research, retired Missoula, Montana delivered the Keynote at the summit titles, "Framing the Problem of Community Destruction during Extreme Wildfires"

0:00 – Marc Titus, Marc Titus, Nevada Division of Forestry Staff Specialist – Fire Adapted Communities introduces Jack Cohen
2:41 – Jack Cohen delivers Keynote
35:48 – Q&A Session with Jack Cohen
Learn more about living more safely with wildfire at

Reno Nevada News Source: UNRExtension

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