August 15, 2022

National Strawberry Day!

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In honor of National Strawberry Day, learn about the history of strawberries and their importance today. Ms. Alexis will also share how she makes chocolate covered strawberries!

8oz Baking chocolate
1lb fresh strawberries
Medium pot
Heat-safe bowl
Rubber spatula
Parchment paper
Cookie sheet

1. Fill pot with water less than halfway,
bring to boil.
2. Wash strawberries
3. Cut chocolate bars into small pieces.
4. Put most of the chocolate into heat-
safe bowl. Turn boiling water down to
simmer and place bowl with chocolate
inside it on top of pot.
5. Stir chocolate as it melts. Once all is
melted, remove from heat.
6. Add left over chocolate to melted to
temper chocolate.
7. Dip strawberries in chocolate.
8. Place strawberries on parchment paper
on cookie sheet.
9. Let chocolate set. (about 15min in

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