August 12, 2022

Reno Police Department dismantling homeless encampment June 3, 2020

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Reno Police Officer Ryan Gott, by his own admission, pretty much hates homeless people. He was instrumental in kicking them out of a encampment near the Wells Ave. June 3, 2020. At the time, he was accused of acting bullying and saying denigrating things to those living in the area.

Video footage obtained by This Is Reno appears to substantiate these allegations. The video has homeless advocates mortified. In it, Gott is heard and shown barking orders at people, threatening to arrest a woman for not moving fast enough, saying all heroin dealers should be murdered and calling a journalist "Santa Claus."

0:00 Bodycams turned on.
4:53 "Take what you want and get the fuck out."
5:10 "This place is so fucked up."
8:07 "Smells good out here [like a] dead hooker."
11:15 Journalist Nico Colombant kicked off site.
24:21 "I have to talk to you like a child because obviously you don’t understand anything else."
27:37 Gott threatens to take somebody’s dog from him.
29:53 "Your heroin dope dealer murderer doesn’t concern [me]." Gott starts tearing down a tent after a woman enters it to get her possessions.
38:09 "Her heroin dealer got murdered, which I wish they all would so we’d be a lot better off."
39:17 Gott yells at a photographer, starts to go after him and another officer tries to talk him down. "Hey, hey, hey. Relax. Who gives a shit," the other officer says. Gott goes back to berating the woman. "Stop talking and get your fucking stuff! Goddamn!" he screams.

Reno Nevada News Source: Thisis Reno

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