May 23, 2022

Taxes that Apply to My Business | SBEP Finance Class

1 min read

Taxes aren’t the most enjoyable subject for entrepreneurs, but it’s vital to keep an open mind about them. This video will review business structures and the taxes that apply in each case at the federal and state levels. Learn about employee and independent contractor classification and compliance in NV.

00:00 – Introduction, Agenda, and the NV Road Map
02:57 – Understanding Taxes: Income, Expenses, and Taxable Amount
26:46 – Tax and Business Structures
46:26 – What About an LLC and Taxes?
01:02:04 – Do I Have an Employee or an Independent Contractor?
01:17:54 – Nevada Sales and Use Tax
01:24:47 – Action Plan

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UNR Extension Presenter: Juan Salas

The Small Business Education Program is part of the University of Nevada Extension’s Community and Economic Development Team. The Small Business Education Program aims to instruct small business owners and entrepreneurs about fundamental business concepts while providing access and direction to informational resources. The program team is bilingual in English and Spanish and strives to deliver as much content as possible in both languages.

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